Puglia, the region where I was born, gave me an interest in the history and traditions of the local
communities. I owe my love and my dedication to hospitality to my mother and father.
Rome, the city where I lived and studied for many years, taught me about beauty and its pleasure.

Here I learned how one can live and travel in the same place.

I lived in France, Great Britain and Turkey and have travelled in many countries; these experiences have
taught me to listen to the needs of individuals with different cultural backgrounds.

For more than ten years I have been collaborating with organizations and tour operators from all over the
world, especially from US, Canada and Australia. I accompany travelers, traveler designers and travel agents
and guide them in the design of tailor-made itineraries for themselves or their clients.

Be Inspired

Owner and Cmo of Yuniqly

Italian Sommelier certified by AIS

Italian Tour Guide and Host